Monday, February 13, 2012


I just ordered a new medication for breastfeeding, Leptaden. A couple Moms in my IGT group have recently started taking it and saw a noticeable improvement, enough to convince me to try - especially since they have the same underlying cause that I do. I don't expect this to allow me to exclusively breastfeed, but any increase in supply would be such a blessing. I am still fighting for each ounce and each drop.

I should get it in about two weeks and will update my findings here!

UPDATE (June 2012)
I have stopped taking all herbs at this point, and wanted to share how Lep worked for me. I'll be honest, there wasn't this HUGE increase like I was secretly hoping for. However, I do think it helped. For one, I leaked a little after starting it (which had never happened before). I was able to make enough for 1 feed each day for a while, and I think the Lep really helped me reach that point. It felt like it was worth the fight to give him that one full feeding each day.

The other thing I noticed was that it counteracted the constant hunger the dom created. This was a HUGE benefit to me and I lost about 10 pounds without trying. It made me realize just how much the dom stimulated my appetite.

If we ever have a baby #2, I will definitely start taking Lep from the very beginning!

Did you take Leptaden? Let me know how it worked for you in the comments below...


  1. I'm looking forward to hearing your results. My lactations consultants just recommended this.

  2. Oh really? Everyone in my breastfeeding group is frustrated because we had to discover Leptaden on our own; all the LCs seem to recommend domperidone, which has the lovely weight gain side effects.

    I'm still waiting to get my Leptaden, I hope it comes soon...

  3. Found your blog through a search for leptaden- did you have any success with it?

    1. I just updated this post, Kim! Check again for details. I have been meaning to do this for a while, thanks for the push to do so :)

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    1. I bought it here:

      So much cheaper than dom!

  5. I had my second baby in june and my lactation was adequate. Sadly I had to undergo a surgery for breast abcess in both my breasts and did not nurse my son for 8 days while my breasts were heali g. Then I realised I wasnt lactating enough and my doc suggested lept after about 3 weeks, i did not have to look back. I still take it whenever my breasts feel light and deficient.