Sunday, February 12, 2012

Holding on to the Baby Phase

Tonight, Caleb woke up around 11:30. He usually wakes up sometime in the night but it's just for a few seconds, and then he's out again. Tonight was one of those nights where I knew he was crying for a reason. I sent John in because I was still pumping. John tried to console him but without much success. I figured it was either hunger or teething.

I was hoping hunger because that is easier to fix and thankfully that turned out to be the case. I made him a bottle and held him and rocked him in the dark. It was one of those sweet Mommy moments I will always remember. He was so content to be in my arms drinking his bottle. I could just barely see his face from the nightlight behind our glider. I looked at his precious face and realized the baby phase is coming to an end so quickly. Soon, we will be transitioning off the bottle and the toddler phase will begin.

But tonight, he was my little baby and I rocked him and fed him and held his tiny little body in my arms. He easily went back down after he finished his bottle. Part of me wishes he would wake up again so I can just hold him and enjoy it for a little while longer...

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