Monday, February 20, 2012

9 Month Breastfeeding Update

Breastfeeding a 9 month old is so very different from breastfeeding a newborn. He is now very active at the breast, always putting his hand in my mouth and his food in my armpit. He smiles and makes his soothing/grunting noise, and flails his arms all around. It's no longer a peaceful, sleepy activity like I remember it used to be. He doesn't breastfeed for long, since I don't have much milk to give and he is a more efficient at sucking now.

I'm hoping we are past the painful biting stage. He currently has 4 teeth and has chomped down quite a few times. Most Moms just pull baby off and put him down when this happens, but I think Caleb would be content to not breastfeed at all. Since our breastfeeding relationship is just hanging on be a thread, I don't have that luxury and just had to work through it.

He still rejects the breast often, but usually takes his morning feed. Since I have had all night to "fill up" there is enough there for a decent feed and I cherish those nursing sessions. The past few days, he has been on a complete nursing strike and wanted nothing to do with it. He has also had a runny nose, so I hoped the two were related. But I was starting to worry he would never nurse again. This morning, I tried nursing in our bed instead of the rocker in his room and he latched like a champ. For some reason, whenever I get near the rocker now, he starts to cry. So we may be nursing in the bed now. I hope we can keep it up for a couple more months.

On the days when he rejected the breast, I pumped enough to give him 1 full bottle per day. So I am keeping up with my goal to give him breast milk every day. I realized that is my new definition of breastfeeding success. I can't exclusively breastfeed or even come close to it, but he has gotten a little bit of breast milk every day of his life thus far. Obviously I can't keep this up forever, but I am hoping to get to a year.


  1. I have nursing issues with my 4-month-old. I found you through a leptaden search.
    This is my third child. I wanted to encourage you with a couple of things- keep nursing for comfort reasons. Also, just because he doesn't want the rocker right now doesn't mean it won't be different in a few days. Stuffy noses do interfere with eating in general- he may just need a different position. It sounds like you are doing the right things! I know it's hard accepting that you can't exclusively breastfeed- I'm going through that, too- and I hate it!

  2. Thanks for your comment! He won't comfort nurse unfortunately. But we are back to nursing regularly, it's just once a day at breakfast. I wish it was more but I'm happy that he didn't stop all together.