Sunday, December 11, 2011

Review and Giveaway: Funkoos Organic Baby Towel

I love uncovering new baby shops, and I was excited when I came across Funkoos, an organic baby apparel shop. Like many parents, I'm becoming more aware and educated about toxins and their harmful effects. I feel even stronger about it after learning my fertility and breastfeeding issues are likely due to dioxin exposure in utero and as a young child. I don't want my son to have health issues like I do because of exposure to toxins.

The founders of Funkoos were similarly concerned about chemicals and pesticides, and looked for organic clothing for their newborn in 2008. After they were unable to find quality and affordable organic baby clothing, the idea for Funkoos was born. I looked through the site and they do have a ton of cute stuff. The prices will be higher than you'll find at a traditional baby store, but that's to be expected with anything organic.

I got to try out this adorable airplane organic cotton hooded baby towel. I couldn't wait to give my 7-month old son Caleb a bath after this arrived.

Right after I opened it, I noticed a couple things that were different than the rest of our baby towels:
  • It's soft. This thing could be a comfort blankie. I wanted to snuggle up with it.
  • It's thick. Honestly, I first thought this was a beach towel and felt stupid that I was going to use it for a bath. I double checked, and yup - it's intended as a bath towel.
  • The airplane pattern is adorable. It has a high-quality, custom feel to it. You know this wasn't a cheap patch someone slapped on in a factory somewhere. I call this "the etsy effect" and I love it. My only suggestion would be to make the clouds blue because you almost can't see them against the white background.
Caleb after a bath in his Funkoos towel!
Once I used it, I noticed it did a better job of absorbing the bath water than the usual towels I'm used to. The hood is a generous size, so it can definitely last you beyond just the infant stage. All in all, a fabulous bath towel. And the next time we go to the beach, we're taking this with us!

Guess what? The generous Funkoos team is giving away a towel to one of my readers! Just enter a comment below telling me your favorite bath time toy or ritual (make sure you fill out the Rafflecopter below to get your entry counter!). And there are lots of ways to get extra entries. Easy peasy.

[Disclaimer: I received a bath towel from Funkoos in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own].

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  1. My favorite bathtime ritual is that El Hub handles it! He gets home from work pretty late, but if the kiddo is still awake, then Dadda gives him a bath. We like that rubber duck blow up tub made by Munchkin, I think - saves water from not having to fill the whole tub, and the soft sides mean no painfully banging his head if he wobbles too much.

  2. My favorite bath time ritual is trying to get Lexi into the tub. She is fat and strong and has really long nails that hurt. My other half and I attempted this 2 months ago and I was wounded in several locations. We were able to get her into the tub and got water on half her body. Can u picture a woman using pants on her arms to protect her self. Anyways the nails went through the pants and she didn't want me to dry her off. Maybe with this towel since it is fluffy with a hood I will be able to dry her off

  3. my daughter loves her mermaid in the tub!
    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

  4. My little guy loves his rubber duck.