Monday, December 5, 2011

How to feed a baby, daddy-style

Caleb has not been interested in eating solid foods, despite our very creative attempts to make it fun and exciting.

I think he ate a bite here, and the rest was PLAYTIME!

One evening, I threw my hands in the air in frustration after he refused to eat yet again. "Your turn!" I tell my husband.

And then? I watched in awe as he successfully got Caleb to eat a bite. I took careful notes of his method, and my internal thought process:

  1. Sit down to feed baby (Ok, I have this part down).
  2. Lean to the right. (Wondering where he's going with this? A special dance, maybe?)
  3. Rip a deafening, award-winning caliber fart. (Oh.)
  4. Out of a mixture of fear, awe and pure shock, baby's jaw will drop to the floor. (Poor kid).
  5. Shove spoonful of food into baby's mouth. (Sweet baby Jesus, I can't believe that worked).
Daddies certainly have their own style, but they get things done.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to duplicate his method, but I will diligently keep trying.


  1. OMG, that's awesome. I usually try the distraction method too. I do some jumping or dancing to get Mallory to open a crack and then SHOVE! She is not taking to eatings too well either. =/

  2. This is too cute :) Caleb is stinking adorable. I love those eyes!!