Monday, November 7, 2011

All I Want for Christmas is a Skip Hop Studio Diaper Bag

I'm serious. After determining that I hate my current diaper bag, I started researching like crazy to find a better one. Does the perfect diaper bag even exist?

I looked at tons of different diaper bags online - the popular ones and the lesser knowns. I read review after review and learned I'm not the only one passionate about diaper bags. At my mommy meetups, I talked to other Moms about their diaper bags and asked if I could "play" with them. A lot of Moms have similar complaints - mostly that we need more room and more/better pockets.

I came across a great video review from a fellow mommy blogger, 5 oh wifey, which wakls you through how she uses her diaper bag, which is a Skip Hop Studio Diaper Tote Bag. I had heard of Skip Hop before but for some reason hadn't researched their bags that much when I was pregnant. Actually, I think the Studio bag was not yet out when I initially researched my diaper bags. After watching that video review, reading other reviews, talking to other Moms, and playing with a Skip Hop Studio in person,  I am hooked.

Here's why I think this could be the perfect diaper bag:

  • The pockets as a whole are amazing. This thing is jam-packed with pockets inside and out. And they are easily accessible. You can easily access any one of the pockets no matter how you are holding the bag. They are not flimsy, floppy pockets either. And all different kinds - buttons, zippers, and open. Easy to find when you just need to reach your hand in there without looking and grab a paci or diaper.
  • The two insulated outer pockets on each side alone make this a winner. They are deep pockets for baby bottles, water bottles, or sippy cups. I tested my Tommee Tippee bottles (they're wide if you're not familiar), and it fit in there perfectly. I am so tired of digging around in my bag for a bottle.
  • The antimicrobial pocket - this is genius. Perfect place for stashing blowout leftovers.
  • It doesn't look like a diaper bag. This is not a big deal to me - I have been waiting to be a mommy for years and I'm happy to play the part and let the world know it. BUT, I like that this doubles as a purse. I went to a bridal shower recently sans-baby and had to switch everything over to a purse. With this, I wouldn't need to do that.
  • The shell of the bag is sturdy and holds its shape, which is also a huge one for me. My current JJ Cole bag is more flimsy, which means it's always falling into itself and that makes it even harder to find anything. This bag stays more open.
  • The flap on the front - I'm not sure how much I would use this, but I like this option for folding bulky blankets or burp cloths. I often bring a blanket with us and it doesn't fit in the diaper bag so it just sits on top of it (and sometimes falls when I'm carrying it).
  • The size is awesome. It carries like a giant purse (which I like anyway), and makes a roomy diaper bag.
  • The straps are great for two reasons. First, they are great for a shoulder bag. Big enough to fit comfortably but not too big like a messenger bag that puts extra weight on your shoulder. Secondly, they have stroller clips which easily attach to any stroller - easy peasy.
I won't know for sure until I get one of my own, but I think this is the one. Will I get the chance to try? If I am able to get one, I will do a follow-up review!


  1. This diaper bag is awesome... You will not be disappointed!

  2. I'm curious, did you end up getting one? I'm starting to shop around for baby #1's arrival in August, and as a girl who loves purses, I can't wait to pick a diaper bag. :) So, were you able to get one/try it out? 5ohWifey's review was so high that I might go with it no matter what, but I do love hearing from someone I know personally!

  3. Mari, I didn't know you were pregnant! Congrats!!! Yes, I got it and LOVE it. I need to do a follow-up review, thanks for the reminder. I found one for half-price because it was a (new) customer return. You can sometimes find certain patterns are on sale on Amazon, too. Good luck!

  4. Hi there! Yes, I am indeed pregnant! It's still a little hard to believe at 15 weeks (well, almost) into the pregnancy, so I'm keeping it kind of on the down-low (or at least off Facebook). But each time we hear that heartbeat, I'm a little more of a believer, so I guess it's time to start getting excited! :) Thanks for your info on the Skip Hop bag. It seemed really fantastic from 5ohWifey's review, so I'm glad to see that someone else I know likes it too (and I actually do know you IRL!).

    I've just started reading your blog, and I'm so glad you have it! I'm trying to get up the gumpshun to write my own. I always chicken out (or get too busy) and delete them. :)